Every learner to be functionally literate,

equipped with life skills,

appreciative of the arts and sports,

and imbued with the desirable values

of a person who is



Propelled by our vision we, the DepEd NCR reiterate our commitment to our stakeholders.

To Our Pupils/Students

We shall equip all learners with knowledge, habits, skills and values necessary for active and successful participation in a humane and fast-changing society.

To Our School Managers and Teachers

We shall develop a team of empowered and world-class school managers and teachers with integrity, dedication and commitment in the pursuit of the total development of the Filipino child and in the attainment of quality life.

To Our Community/Parents/NGOs/LGUs

 We shall establish strategic alliances with our various publics to attain our goal of quality education for all.

To Our Non-Teaching Personnel

We shall develop among our non-teaching personnel integrity, commitment and dedication to deliver effective and efficient service while at the same time creating opportunities and avenues for their professional growth and maximizing their potentials to achieve a better quality of life.


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